(08) 9367 7546   Consultations by appointment  


Call us on (08) 9367 7546 to book your consultation with a Specialist Dermatologist.

Clinic official opening hours:

Monday 8:30 – 5pm
Tuesday 8:30am – 5pm
Wednesday 8:30am – 5pm
Thursday 8:30am – 5pm
Friday 8:00am – 2pm

Appointments can be scheduled by calling our rooms during business hours.

If you are visiting us for the first time, we would appreciate it if you could please arrive ~10 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to assist with registering you into our system.

If you could also please ensure you bring along any relevant material including:
– your Medicare or DVA or Pension Card, and ideally photographic ID 
– current valid referral (if applicable), this is required to be eligible for Medicare Rebates
– copies of any relevant pathology results
– your current list of medications / allergies.

We take pride in providing excellent care in every single case and treating every patient as an important individual, and as such there will be times when consultations may run longer than expected (this could very well be your consult on the day, but could also be for the patients that are seen before you). Although we make every attempt to keep to our schedule and stay on time for your appointment, we greatly appreciate your understanding if we are running late and your appointment happens to be delayed. Where feasible we will try to keep you informed in advance of any significant delays that may arise, but this is not always possible.

Billing Policy

As this is a private practice we do not bulk bill consultations or procedures.

All accounts are required to be paid in full on the day of attendance. 

You will be made aware of the consultation fees at the time of making your appointment. Costs for consultations and procedures do vary, and will be quoted according to each individual case.

(Please also see the 'Referrals' page for additional patient information).


We welcome your notifications wherever possible if you find that you are running late for an appointment, as we do understand that circumstances may arise unexpectedly.

(Wherever possible we will endeavour to notify you if we are running late, but please be aware that this is not always feasible due to the unpredictable nature of medical consultations).

Last minute cancellations are very difficult for us to fill, so we respectfully ask that you please inform us of any cancellation at least 24hrs beforehand. In cases of last-minute cancellations with less than 24hrs notice, or for missed appointments, we do reserve the right to charge you a non-attendance penalty fee.


If any skin samples are taken during your visit, they will be sent for expert analysis with a Dermatopathologist (a highly trained medical Doctor whose expertise is in the diagnosis of skin specific conditions from assessment and interpretation of skin samples under a microscope).

There will be additional fees for this, billed directly to you by the Dermatopathologist once they have completed their report on your sample. Medicare rebates will cover a proportion of these costs.

Medicare Rebates

In order to access any Medicare rebates, you will require a valid referral from your GP or another specialist at the time of your consultion.

The practice is equipped with Medicare Online / Medicare Easyclaim, which means in most cases Medicare rebates will able to be claimed and processed through our terminal at the time of paying your account, thus saving you the need to visit Medicare on a separate occasion.

Veterans Affairs

We welcome patients who are covered by the Veteran’s Affairs scheme. Please ensure you bring along your DVA card to your appointment.

You will still require a valid referral in order to claim your consultation fees through DVA.

Private Health Insurance

As far as we are aware is the case with every other practice that provides an outpatient service like this practice does, none of the private health insurance companies will cover any attendances or fees. There have been instances of coverage for international travellers with some of their health funds. You will be responsible for any dealings with your Private Health fund, so if you need to, please clarify with your individual health insurance company.

Workers Compensation Cases

When it comes to Worker’s Compensation cases, although we are more than happy to see you and be involved in your care, please be aware that we will NOT deal directly with any Insurance company due to the administration work required and the difficulty that we have in receiving correct and timely payments from them. 

You alone are responsible for paying any and all of our fees that you may incur at the time of your consultation in full. You will be provided with your receipts and all the necessary documentation of your visits and treatments, which you will then be able to use to claim costs back from the Insurance company that covers your Worker’s Compensation.

Medico-Legal Cases

When it comes to Medico-Legal cases, upon formal written request from your Lawyer or Legal representatives we will happily provide written summaries of your diagnosis and visits to us, as well as copies of any relevant investigation results. Please note that fees will be applicable in all cases, and these will be charged to the person or company making the request.

Given the varied nature and length of each case report, these fees will differ each time and shall be determined solely by the Dermatologist creating your report.